SAP Highlights: May 6 

U9s: Our U9s started the SAP day out at Pluim on Sunday. All the U9 teams perfectly matched on the day with both exciting matches within 3 goals.

U10s: Italy and Spain were super solid and kept each other to 5 goals or less. Germany and Mexico had a goal bonanza with 15 combined goals scored.

U11s: The second goal fest of the day saw Spain and Italy top the previous match and log 16 goals combined. Mexico then had a huge 2nd half to finish the match within 2 goals of Germany.

U12s: Argentina and Portugal combined for 7 2nd half goals. Italy and Germany keep the spectators on their toes all match with another 16 goal match. Mexico and Spain had the honour of the last match, with the most competitive match of the day and goalkeepers on show!

Photo highlights from our SAP U10's matches