Tommy Lyons is Back!


Tommy Lyons you're back for 2019, tell us why you wanted to stay?
Have loved every minute and wanted to keep it going!

How did you think the team did this season?
Very well, impressive for any new club to make a grand final and win it. Disappointing to not get promoted but all the boys are fired up to do that this time round!

Personally how did you think you did this season?
I came in half way through and new the team was strong and would take time to find a spot but, near the end especially in finals series, I think the team clicked and made it easy to play well.

What were your emotions like in that last game of the regular season against Prospect United?
Disappointed and angry.

Favourite Goal?
When Tommy Beckham scores a free kick, or Cade’s goal in final!

Favourite team mate?
Daniel McFarlane (known him the longest)

Best trainer at the club?
Daniel McFarlane

Players to look out for in the future?
Cade Mapu

Best looking?
Crowelly (so he pays me)

Best banter?
Graz Toope or the Blunden brothers

Goals for 2019 season?
Promotion and to score more than swaddo!