Oscar Torres Re-Signs for 2019!


Oscar you're back for 2019, tell us why you wanted to stay?
I want to win promotion with the club this coming year. I feel like the job is undone and I can’t leave the club until the goal is achieved. I love this club and how big it’s grown in one year and would want to be a part of it for many more years to come.

How did you think the team did this season?
I think the team and club did far better than anyone expected. We left a mark on the field and in the competition and we have made a name for ourselves, a name that some clubs will dread to face next year.

Personally how did you think you did this season?
I feel like I made a positive impact in the 20’s team and played my part in the first grade squad when called up.

What were your emotions like in that last game of the regular season against Prospect United?
Like everyone at the club, I was very disappointed. Our main goal this year to get promotion and it slipped away from us in the last minute of the last game of the year, it was very disappointing.

Could you tell us what you do in the club?
First and foremost I am a player at the club, but my love for the club and the sport has also opened up possibilities to coach the CCU SAP teams, and it’s something that I want to continue to do. I would love to see these young kids make their way up to senior football and even beyond it.

Favourite Goal?
My favourite goal would have to be my volley against Gazy Auburn, from outside the box in the first half of the season. It’s a shame Les and the cameras weren’t there to catch the goal.

Favourite team mate?
This is hard to pick as I know I’ll be getting stick from the rest of the team for not picking them... but for the sake of this, I’ll have to say the captain Daniel McFarlane. It was amazing playing with him and working with him in the SAP program too.

Best trainer at the club?
Stu Davis by far! No more words needed there.

Players to look out for in the future?
Every player in the under 18’s squad, in a few years they will have all taken over first grade for sure.

Best looking?
I think Tommy Lyons just wins this over Adam Woodbine.

Best banter?
Nate Blunden, I couldn’t compete with him if my life depended on it!

Goals for 2019 season?
To solidify my spot in the first grade team, and secure that promotion!